About Us

 SPARK OF ENTERPRENUERSHIP which fuel the fire in me and metamorphosed as Q-Check  

- K.Pradhip Kumar
Chief Manager - Operations

CONFIDENCE - Confidence is the key. Only in Q-Check we have tasted confidence and learnt how to develop and evolve confidence into success in healthcare. YES in 2004 we stepped into Chronic Healthcare Markets i.e., DIABETES AND CARDIAC backed up with quality products also carried effectively and vibrantly in front of core customers. Now we developed and registered a remarkable position in Pharmaceutical industry.

With a vision to establish a Pharmaceutical Company to have its presence globally
Mr.K.Pradhip Kumar and Mr.C.Kathiravan established Q-Check a decade ago. Q-Check plans for phasing in Diabetes and Cardiology markets and made its own mark in pharmaceutical industry.

Q-Check nurture - People focused culture that fuels innovation.

Be a Global Dominator in Health Care Industry.

Our mission is to Rejuvenate Lives and to make Every Heart need to Beat and Live with Us.

In Q-Check we follow the growth of our own people and their families, ensuring our slogan - It is all simple just because - GROWTH IS LIFE.

 I decided to meet out the constructive values in Q-Check which can resize the Global village 

- C.Kathiravan