Diabetes Management

As per ICMR report

In the year 2000 32 million Developing India
In the year 2006 40.9 million Developing India
In the year 2025 69.9 million Developed India
By the year 2030 80 million Dynasty

As per ICMR report the data confirms as of 2000 - 32 million, as of 2006 - 40.9 millions, 2025 - 69.9 millions, 2030 - 80 millions, it confirms that India is a developing country from 2000-14 and will enter into developed country in 2025 and India will be the dynasty in 2030 even in Diabetes. Be proud and know your basics. You all are deserved to be treated so totally with Q-Check diabetic range.

Q-Check is rolling out diabetes awareness programme, diabetic screening programmes and diabetic related awareness activities for the welfare of the society.